When I was 12, my dad gave my first 35mm camera to me as a birthday gift. I have been enamored with photography ever since.

I’ve also always been interested in genealogy and my family history. As my dad and my grandparents have passed away, I have acquired photographs that have taken my “interest” and changed it to a deep-seated mission to fill in the blanks for myself and my children. As I comb through pictures that I’ve seen my whole life but never truly looked at until now, I know that it is imperative for each member of every family to be documented in photos.

This is where my love for both photography and genealogy meet. Every person should not just be documented in photographs, but they should be taken in a way that shows their personality today and also to future generations. I have to admit that I definitely prefer to be behind the camera. But, I know that someone someday will want to “get to know me” based solely on images.

The photos we create together are so much more than just photos. They’re keepsakes. And a part of some of the most special times of your life.

My goal for each session is to create an atmosphere where you are so comfortable that your personality shines through and tells the story of who you are. I want everyone to enjoy being photographed and feel good when they see the end result.

Every photographer has their own style. I have a friend who described my style as “a great mix of traditional and creative” and I think that’s a great way to describe my work. When it comes to seniors especially, I like to take fun shots that they’re excited about while also taking traditional shots for posterity’s sake.

Take a look around and, if my style matches yours, reach out to reach out to me!

“A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.”

Edward steichen